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Saquon Barkley Ditches The Giants And Signs Mega Deal With The Eagles

HOWIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Have the Eagles officially gone mad? Probably. That’s a lot of money in a salary capped league dedicated to a position where value is extremely easy to find and a player who has been healthy only once through an entire season in his career. Should we give a hoot? Absolutely NOT. Give us the shiniest toys possible to play around with and it’ll get figured out. Again, probably. Look at what Saquon can do while healthy. LOOK AT IT:

And yes I put his college highlights instead of pro solely for all the PSU Philly crowd who all simultaneously came at 2:46pm today. We all know the talent. It’s McCaffrey then Barkley and then the rest when it comes to the RB position in the NFL. If the Eagles feel like it’s really worth it for this offense to take go get a Saquon - Fine. I can dig it. But you better be using him as a 3-ish down back in EVERY important situation. No more having 1K+ rushers on the squad and keep on feeding the likes of Kenny Gainwell. Nope. That ends now and forever.

Go Birds.  Now fix the damn D. This was a solid start.