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British People Have No Idea How To Handle Adam Sandler Showing Up To London Gyms And Dominating Them In Hoops While His Finest Polo Shirt


Here in America we call this a normal day. Adam Sandler showing up wearing a floral shirt and typically baggy shorts is a regular occurrence. Nice of him to class it up a bit by wearing pants. I say this as someone who is very anti-wearing pants while playing basketball. I don't trust people who step onto the court wearing some old school breakway pants. Then again, I lived in the era where every single person who wore those got the buttons snapped off by friends at least once. You just can't play basketball wearing pants. We live in a society with rules. 

That said, I respect the guy who is wearing a cardigan and tie. That's just a level of commitment to playing with the Sand Man. He didn't have time to head home and get a proper outfit on. Gotta do with whatever you can in these times. I'd rather play with Sandler with my tie flopping around and be in the picture plastered all over the Internet instead of being late because I had to take my cardigan off. You can wash sweat off. You can post that picture and use it everywhere for eternity. 

I just love the reactions, bruv. Talking about how stunned they are Adam Sandler is there. Do they not have social media in England? This is a weekly thing over here in the States. Arguably the most beloved actor lives to play pickup basketball. It doesn't matter the time, place or competition, he's going to show up and show off the handles. Look at some of the passes plus you know he's talking shit out there. He's a competitor at heart. That said, I do kinda like the idea that the Brits are just finding out about the run of Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Big Daddy and realizing Sandler can play ball. 

Never change, Sandler. Never change.