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With All Due Respect, Connecticut Sucks

I'd like to take this time to thank my father for looking around his home state of Connecticut and deciding he wanted something better for his children. He looked to the West. He looked to where my mom was born and we moved to the Chicago suburbs. Connecticut has nothing to offer. Shitty beaches. Some of the worst and ugliest cities. 

The best thing it has going for it is proximity to places that are bigger, richer, and prettier than it. Just over the borders are cool places. Connecticut is basically the Poland of America. Just a nondescript, unimportant, boring place filled with people who have outsized pride about their home. But hey...it's not that far from Berlin and Munich or Boston and New York.  

Congratulations to Connecticut for have good college basketball. You've successfully managed to convince a dozen or so tall, 18 year-olds to spend 1-4 years of their life in your state. Jim Calhoun probably deserved MORE money than what the state was paying him

It's a miracle that Calhoun carved a basketball power out of Connecticut Appalachia. 

I was born there. Most of my extended family is there. I like Spider and Jack Mac. Outside of those guys and pizza there's nothing CT has going for it. It's biggest export is people who want to find a better place to live.