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#HealthyDebate: Madonna Needs To Make Sure Her Fans Aren't In A Wheelchair Before Shaming Them For Not Standing Up At Her Concerts

Brutal. Like a real life Curb your enthusiasm episode playing out in front of our eyes. Just absolute nightmare type scenario. She probably felt an inch tall and wanted to crawl under the stage in embarrassment. I can't imagine being around that situation and anyone having anything but a "this is so awkward" as the thoughts going through there head. 

The one thing I will say is Madonna at least owned up to it. I'm not sure everyone would do that, so I guess credit is due there, but wtf was she thinking. You have to have better awareness. I know it's dark, I know it's hard to see etc, but you can't be out here shaming people in wheelchairs. You are Madonna for Pete's sake! Just a bad look all around.