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Stampede Down Under: Hundreds Of Kangaroos Stormed A Golf Course In Australia

UPI News - Golfers at a course in Victoria, Australia, captured video when their games were interrupted by a stampede of kangaroos hopping through.

Stephen Roche posted a video to social media showing the "fair dinkum stampede" of kangaroos that appeared during his game of golf at the Heritage Golf and Country Club.

"We have kangaroos on our two courses at Heritage Golf & Country Club, but I've never seen this before," Roche wrote.

A second golfer, Michael McCarthy, said the parade of 'roos "felt like it went forever."

There's a lot of things that can slow down or ruin your day on a golf course. A brutally slow foursome in front of you, people looking for balls forever, putting everything out, walking not driving, cart path only, no cart girl, not being able to hit the ball well, rain, etc. All of those things give me stress even now of thinking of it. However, of all the things that can slow down or ruin your day of golf, never ... literally never did I expect a herd of kangaroos, even in Australia, to derail someone's 18 holes. 

It's an absurd visual to watch, and one literally no one would believe. I can just see the convo back at the clubhouse:

 "No I swear it was literally hundreds of kangaroos Frankie." 

"Yeah ok whatever you say ... 10-20 maybe Joey"

"No I'm telling you hundreds ... Louie tell him" 

"Whatever you say ..." 

If they didn't have the video I wouldn't believe it myself. Just an absolute death blow to the day, especially if you were playing well. Fell like this would happen to me only on the day I was trying to break 90 for the first time. Still pretty funny visual though... have to admit that.