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We All Need To Thank Carmen Electra For Throwing It Back And Reminding Us About The Pinnacle Of Television - MTV's Spring Break

Now I'm far from the first person to take a trip down memory lane. Fellow old, bald, Giants/Knicks fan and one hell of a model American Clem blogged about this before: 

Now listen, I live by a pretty solid blogging rule here. Well, a couple rules. 1) March, I will blog my dick off about college basketball. 2) Any time Giusy Meloni posts a picture, it will be on the blog. And finally 3) if Carmen Electra throws it back and reminds us of the glory days, we will talk about it. You know what people love? The glory days. 

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For anyone that's a fellow old, you remember the days. Hell we were in our late teens, 20s when MTV Spring Break was in full force. There was a time you could turn on MTV and see Carmen Electra on stage with Lit. Much like Carmen Electra, let it be known that Lit still plays. If you don't enjoy My Own Worst Enemy from time to time, frankly you don't know how to have a good time. It's also an elite cover band song at bars and I will stand by that until the day I die. Don't believe me, watch this and tell me you wouldn't move like Carmen Electra

And don't get me wrong there were plenty of other great Spring Break moments. Again, we defer to Clem: 

Consider this blog more about nostalgia and how important this was to our TV set from 2000-2003 or so. I graduated high school in 2005, meaning Spring Break was right around the corner. Do I want to be mad that MTV Spring Break set too high of expectations and something I'd never achieve? Of course. But it didn't matter because even now in 2024 I'd kill to turn on MTV and see this and not episode 432,901 of Ridiculousness. MTV was arguably the most important channel we had growing up. You could get your news from there. Shout out Kurt Loder. You could see new music videos. You could argue with friends about the top 10. You could see cars get makeovers. You could see parents try to set up their kids with new boyfriends/girlfriends or the ultimate fear of someone going through your room. Both completely real shows. 

Imagine if we had it today. Sure, I don't know what bands would play and I'd be screaming just to bring back out Blink 182. But imagine the content and pageviews of a Sydney Sweeney showing up like Carmen Electra did. That's how big MTV Spring Break was. 

So thank you, Carmen. A Monday of throwing it back and reminding us about the pinnacle of TV. A time when it mattered you made your name by being on TV. Shout out channel 29, which was MTV back in the day.