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Crypto Bro Was At War With Community Notes And The Rest Of Twitter The Entire Weekend...

On Thursday afternoon, NFT Nick and his boys were on a boat in Miami. By the looks of it, they were not accompanied by any members of the opposite gender. As we all know, the #1 rule of being on a boat is you have to tweet it out (or put it on an IG story) for everyone to see.....what happened next is what makes the internet such a fascinating place. You have zero idea who is going to emerge as the main topic every day, but you do know it's going to be entertaining.

The replies to Nick's boat, that had zero women on board, were hilarious:

This was just the start to Nick taking on Twitter for an entire weekend. Initially, Nick was just viral on Crypto Twitter...but it wasn't long until he took his momentum to catch everyone's attention:

Just a fascinating fella. Weirdly entertaining? A guy that would catch Dave's eye for having a weird brain. No idea if he would bring him on board (probably not) but in a different life, this guy could be working for us.


On Friday, Nick debuted his catchphrase to the rest of Twitter….."I choose rich everytime." He had a big following before all of this, so I'd assume he's been saying that for a bit now. Not a bad tagline at all. He may be cringe, but he knows what he's doing.

(Side note: it's unclear if he owns this house. Pretty clear he doesn't own the "yacht" like he claims)

Because Nick chose rich, he was in NYC before we could blink. While in his "NYC penthouse" (clearly rented), Nick had his first run in with the community notes feature on Twitter:

Saying your $85 bottle of champagne is $5000 was incredibly on brand for this weekend's main character of Twitter. Can't say I'm surprised. That's just how Nick rolls. He chose rich…everytime. Look at him now! You think that's an $85 bottle of champagne? Well, you're WRONG. Not his fault you chose broke…everytime.

Can only imagine what his "chauffeur" (aka an Uber driver) was thinking as NFT Nick brought up the haters crying into their TV dinners. 

The NFT Nick show continued this morning from his "private movie theater:"

As you can see, community notes worked quick and shot down everything Nick said. The one thing they couldn't shoot down? That he chose rich…..EVERYTIME.

By the time this blog is published, the aura of NFT Nick will probably be gone….that's just how fast the internet works. He was always going to be a star that shined too bright, eventually leading to the point where everyone on the internet is over his shtick. 

Let's look on the brightside. When we do a recap of viral Twitter moments from 2024, he'll be a topic for sure. We'll get to look back on the weekend in March when NFT Nick taught the world to choose rich.