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Dion Dawkins Pulled Off An Elite Troll Move By Posting He Was Leaving The Bills 10 Minutes Before Signing A Three-Year, $60 Million Extension With Buffalo

As someone with no skin in the game when it comes to the Bills, I have to tip my cap to Dion Dawkins for pulling off a successful troll move in 2024 now that we live in a digital world where everyone sniffs out the Uncle Chaps' of the internet by actually reading their handles before blindly running with a tweet during the absolute chaos when NFL free agency begins.

As for members of #BillsMafia who live and die with their team no matter how much hell is unleashed on their souls by the end of January, I can understand being a little upset with Dion Dawkins. Not because their stud left tackle lied about leaving the Bills. But because their stud left tackle lied about leaving the Bills a few days after they cut Tre'Davious White, Jordan Poyer, and Mitch Morse, who were foundations of the beloved Bills teams whose biggest flaw was peaking right as Patrick Mahomes became the starting QB for the Chiefs. Because as a Mets and Knicks fan, I know a thing or two million about pain and heartbreak as well as being the punchline to jokes. But there is a time and place to fuck with fans that root for a franchise that makes it easy to forget sports are supposed to be fun.

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Which is why whatever twisted wildling punishment the Bills fans sentence Dawkins to for his hijinks is fair in my eyes, even though let's be honest, they'll probably just light him on fire then throw him through a table as is the punishment for most atrocities that take place in Western New York.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to see what kind of carnage is unleashed on my soul during free agency, with this potential signing hanging over my head like a guillotine.