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Soft: Italian Soccer Manager Gets Fired For Showing Some Emotion And Dropping An Opposing Player With A Headbutt

I'm sorry, but this gets you fired now? In Italy nonetheless! Last time I checked they care about soccer over there. They want a guy who is willing to headbutt opponents. Sure, they might be in 15th place and fighting to stay out of relegation, but how do you get rid of a guy who is willing to do this? Plus, I think we can say it here. Flop. Look at the delay fall to the ground! It wasn't even THAT hard of a headbutt. I've seen worse. Would it take me out? Of course, I'm a pussy. But it's not that egregious of a headbutt to fire someone over. If anything I would assume the team rallies around this guy and the club claims they love the fight, here's a fine. 

There was a time we respected headbutters in this sport! 

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If you want to fire the guy, fire him. Don't hide behind a little headbutt love tap. Plus, this is the sort of guy I want on my team. He's pissed they lost 1-0. I don't want handshakes and hey we'll get better. I want a guy who takes matters into his own hands and shows his team how it's done. We're talking major soccer here, not some low-level league. This is where all that matters is wins and losses and sometimes ties. 

Give me this guy 7 days a week over some boring ass coach who says oh the team is going to get better and fight next time out. No, I want the guy who shows them how to fight right then and there. Soft to fire a guy who is willing to do whatever it takes. Let him coach the season out at least. The boys have to be inspired after this. You wanna be softer than your coach? I don't think so.