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Kirk Cousins Is The Atlanta Falcons' New Quarterback

The Atlanta Falcons have a quarterback again.

It seemed for a while like a trade for Justin Fields was going to be in the cards, but in the end, Atlanta decided to go with Kirk Cousins. I don't know if Fields was ever actually the plan and there was eventually a pivot to Cousins or if this was Plan A all along, but either way, this is about as good of an outcome as you could have hoped for going into 2024.

Obviously, you'd have to be a moron to not have some sort of concern about a 36-year-old quarterback coming off a torn Achilles — and we'll wait to see what the money is, if that matters to you. But when your options are a four-time Pro Bowler coming off an injury or Desmond Ridder, I'll take the former 11 times out of 10. I'd take a good high school quarterback coming off two torn Achilles if Ridder was the other option.

Even with the injury, though, you know you have a guy. Sure, Jayden Daniels or JJ McCarthy might wind up being really good. But the Falcons have a roster that can win right now — and could have won last year — with a competent quarterback. They don't have time to develop a rookie and pray for a miracle season like what the Texans got out of CJ Stroud. So instead, you have a veteran quarterback paired with all the offensive weapons anyone could want and a solid defense.

Now we go.

UPDATE: Holy fuck that's a lot of money.

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