The Saddest Program In America: A Louisville Fan Started A 'One More Year' Chant For Kenny Payne, Gets Booed Mercilessly By The Whole Arena

What the hell does this guy know? Why would any Louisville fan outside of Kenny Payne's own family start a one more year chant? You really want .. uh this to keep going? 


This is a man who admitted he was tricked by Mike Woodson because he played zone. You want another year of your head coach openly admitting that? This is a guy who can't even compete in games let alone win some. He also is trying to defend himself by saying he inherited a complete mess

I love the determination from this one fella though. His pal is hiding his face. The whole arena is booing him to the high heavens. But he doesn't care. He knows Kenny Payne is only one or two players away. You know what? I agree with him. Kenny Payne is a Louisville legend, it'd be an injustice, a crime to fire him already! They should extend him if anything and give him time since technically he thinks year 1 didn't count. 

This might actually be the high point for the Kenny Payne era. The fact he has one non-family member in his corner is a win. Add it to the record. Who cares if the rest of the arena was ready to fight this fella for even suggesting it? Kenny Payne needs wins and he got one right here. What a sad program. This is supposed to be an elite program. This is supposed to be a team that helped the ACC and competed for titles. Instead they are, well, this. Hate to see it.