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Not Again, Not In March - Drake Is Still Pretending To Be On The Kentucky Hoops Team, Officially Worried About The Team's Good Juju Now

Oh no. I can't let this happen again. I can't be worrying about what Drake is doing during this month. Granted, he's at least self-aware to the famous original picture 

Look at who is in that picture. You know what happened that season? My heart was ripped out while sitting at 38-0. It's the last time we've been to the Final Four. Maybe this is some type of reverse jink, only way I'll allow it. But Drake acting like he's back on the Kentucky team or is wandering around the streets of University, Rose, Avenue of Champions, etc has me on high alert. 

That's right we had Drake in Lexington last night talking about his love for Kentucky and even bringing out Rob Dillingham and DJ Wagner 

He even put on his fanciest jeans to meet our beloved Coach Cal

I don't even worry about the Drake Curse. There are far too many curses out there to begin with. I simply want my guys in the locker room getting ready to get 500 threes up before they go to bed. It's March. Terrible timing by Drake and if he truly cared about the team he'd cancel the concert and come back after early April. No distractions for the boys! Did anyone have eyes on Reed Sheppard? 

We know shit changes in March. Guys start panicking more because it's win or go home. Guys pretend to care about the sport more. People try to catch the magic of college basketball this month. Those of us who ave been around since the beginning can see it. We know there are bandwagon fans, but we can't have Drake acting like he's on the team again. 2015 scars are still fresh. 

PS: Never forget

Can't have that sort of shooting around this team. Cal's teams of old? Sure.. But not with Reed, Reeves and Rob out there.