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Surprise Surprise, Margot Robbie Won The Oscars Last Night With Her Outfits

God has favorites, and another award show means it's yet again time to acknowledge his number one. Do I know what a 1996 Thierry Mugler SS corset is? Absolutely not, but whatever it is, Margot unsurprisingly won the night with it. There's a lot of talk about "aura" these days on social media. If you search it on Twitter, you'll find various examples:

If you're going to put a UFC walkout and a Caitlin Clark Kobe trophy remake as aura, then you've gotta wonder what Margot as Barbie ranks in the hierarchy. Her waving goodbye to the Barbie era has over 100,000 likes from some random account in like 12 hours. That's aura.

Side note, when is award season done? I wrote this one two Mondays ago:

In that I called her a stimulus for pageviews and ad revenue, and today is no exception! Thank you Margot! 

P.S. Remember when someone called her mid online and it went massively viral?

That's aura.