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The Set For Ryan Gosling's Oscar Performance Of "I'm Just Ken" Was Inspired By Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"

I know everyone's already freaking out about this performance, but I felt like this was a very necessary addition. On top of the spectacular job Ryan Gosling and the entire cast of Kens did, the costumes of course, steal the show. Ryan Gosling's bedazzled hot pink suit, and the other Kens (including Simu Liu) wore black suits with red and white ties/shirts, just as Marilyn Monroe's accompaniment wore in the infamous, Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend performance from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes:

A++++++ all around. As its continued to do for almost a year now, the Barbie movie has surprised me and so many others in ways that we wouldn't imagine. Every mention of it last night felt special, and the subtlety in which they continue to find ways to pay homage to so many powerful, influential female performances (even in the only MALE performance,) is not only exciting, but satisfying. I know everyone was up in arms when this movie came out, policing people on how much they were supposed to like or dislike it, but I think at this point we can all admit it was a major moment for women, movies, culture and community. The existence of the Barbie movie feels like a win for the girls, and I can feel the winds of change blowing harder than ever. Girls fucking rule, too. 

A massive thank you to Ryan Gosling who at every opportunity, made sure to shine the light away from himself and onto the incredibly talented and deserving women around him. For this, dear Ryan, we will love you forever and support your bedazzled suits as long as you let us. 

Here's the full thing, if you missed it: