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Emma Stone References Taylor Swift's "Bigger Than The Whole Sky" While Thanking Her Daughter In Oscar Acceptance Speech

Endless sobs. Uncontrollable, heaving, sloppy tears. Congratulations to Emma Stone on a WELL DESERVED Oscar win as Bella Baxter from Poor Things. A top 3 favorite movie of mine last year, and overall incredible film in general. BRAVISIMO!

However, we're here to discuss the gut wrenching sweetness of Emma's words to her daughter, which also happen to be the title of a Taylor Swift song, "Bigger Than The Whole Sky." Emma and Taylor are very close friends, and Taylor wrote this song for her Midnights album, which most believe was written for a friend who had trouble conceiving. The lyrics go:

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbyeYou were bigger than the whole skyYou were more than just a short timeAnd I've got a lot to pine aboutI've got a lot to live withoutI'm never gonna meetWhat could've been, would've beenWhat should've been youWhat could've been, would've been you

Sobs again, tears, just a blubbering mess. Who knows if Emma is the friend this song was written for, or if the heartbreaking sentiment is more something she appreciates so much more now that she has her (almost 3 year old) daughter. Such a beautiful moment for the two of them to look back on in the future.