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Christopher Nolan Has Finally Won His First Oscar

I've said it a bunch but Christopher Nolan is a complete and total unicorn in this business. One of One. That is not to say that he is the best director in the world, only that nobody can do what he does. Every big director you can think of has had movies that have flopped with the critics, flopped with the fans, flopped commercially or sometimes all three. Spielberg, Scorsese etc. That is something that has NEVER happened to Christopher Nolan. Every movie he makes is loved by critics, loved by fans, and makes BANK. Here is Nolan by the numbers: 

His biggest "miss" would be his heat-check, 'Tenet', which still made $160 Million in the middle of COVID. Insanity!

As someone who has blogged basically every step of 'Oppenheimer''s production, the movie exceeded  every expectation I had. He took a biopic with a massive ensemble cast and made it a thrilling story and gave every single actor their chance to shine. The latter, to me, was one of the most impressive parts of the movie. Not only were there multiple acting Oscars nominations, but basically every actor involved had a near career best performance in minimal screen-time that had you saying "where has THAT guy been?" Here's looking at you, Ehrenreich, Krumholtz, Hartnett and Clarke. 

Again, he is one of  the most unique movers and shakers in this business & has deserved Oscar recognition as a director for a while. And, best of all, this isn't a make-good Oscar like so many in recent memory. This is as earned as it gets.