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The Salad Bar Is Open With The 2024 Minnesota State All-Hockey Hair Team

Some people say it's March 20th. Other folks use a fat ass little groundhog to determine when winter will be over. But my favorite way to officially declare that spring is here is by the release of the All Hockey-Hair Team video every year. 

Every year the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament comes around, and every year these legends show out with some of the crispiest and spiciest lettuce you've ever seen in your life. It's one of the greatest traditions in all of sports. You know that all of these kids grow up in their little Minnesota towns dreaming about one day being able to get to this stage, and skate across that ice during their player introductions with unleashing an all-you-can-eat salad buffet for all to see. Traditions in sports are special as shit. All it takes is one group to not respect the tradition one year for it to completely die off. So year in and year out, you need these kids to keep the tradition alive. And the boys did their part this year. 

You've got some odes to the classics. We don't often see a ton of props being involved with these player intros, so it's nice to see the boys breaking out some creativity to keep things interesting. 

You've got the fellas just getting nice and greasy with the lip sweaters. Whole team full of caterpillars is a dangerous lineup. That's a team that you know will be gassing beers in a garage together for the rest of their lives. 

You could throw the game on mute and still hear everything with how much volume this man is working with. I don't even know how you go about getting your hair to look like that, but I'm proud as shit of this kid for figuring out a way. 

And the #1 stallion of the tournament bringing a toothpick out there makes me think that this wasn't even a prop. This kid just lives and breathes the pick life. It's his signature look like half the mouthguard hanging out of Patrick Kane's mouth. 

The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament, baby. Where the lettuce is large but somehow the game is even bigger. 

Congrats to St Cloud Cathedral, and Edina on becoming champs forever. That's a core memory for the rest of your life you get to share with all your boys. Doesn't get any better than that.