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South Carolina & LSU Get Into A Little Fight During SEC Championship Game

Tempers FLARED at the SEC Women's Basketball Championship game today after Flaujae Johnson committed a foul late in the 4th as LSU fell behind to South Carolina. 

With the game out of reach, #2 Ashlyn Watkins on South Carolina was pushed by Flaujae after the foul. 

Then #10 Kamila Cardoso comes FLYING IN and shoves Flaujae to the ground:

Which THEN resulted in Flaujae's brother running out of the stands ONTO THE COURT to defend his sister:

Not sure what his plan was, but he probably wasn't considering it in the moment. The police officer was RIGHT behind him. Unbelievable instincts by both Flaujae's brother and the police officer. That whole sequence from Flaujae's brother running onto the court to him being escorted off the court was 10 seconds.

Want to give a shout out to Haley Van Lith, who immediately ran over to defend her teammate:

That's real love. Angel Reese was nowhere to be found. 

Gotta love some old fashion hate on the hardwood during tournament time. You've played each other twice this season. I know everyone is buddy buddy these days in sports, but there's GOT to be some hate flowing in these players hearts 30+ games into the season. We saw it today. 

Looks like a bunch of players will be suspended for the 1st NCAA tournament game: