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We Can't Let Indiana State's Collapse Stop Us From Getting To Watch Robbie Avila, aka Cream Abdul-Jabbar aka Larry Blurred, Play In The NCAA Tournament

Don't get me wrong here, Drake deserved to win that game. Drake is a fucking awesome team. But this is about America getting to watch our beloved Robbie Avila in the NCAA Tournament. Look at him! 

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.
Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.
Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

This is college basketball. You know what else is college basketball? Arch Madness. It delivers every single year. We had the two best teams in the title game, a massive comeback from Indiana State before collapsing late. We got Tucker DeVries in the NCAA Tournament. America needs to know about him because he's legit awesome. But this is me, a man sitting in my recliner, begging the Committee to do the right thing and give us a two-bid MVC. I don't want to watch the 10th best Big 10 team in the Tournament. I want one of these teams, I don't even care if Indiana State is in Dayton and the First Four. 

I'll scream it until the day I die, this 2pm tip lets you know it's March. Sure, the OVC is the first bid out. We have the A Sun and Big South going off today. Shout out Longwood and Stetson. But Arch Madness is the moment it really becomes the postseason. It has the name, it has the setting, it has the historical factor. 

I don't know how you could watch that game and not see two Tournament teams. How do you start a petition? How do you protest? This is the sort of stuff that will get me going. Congrats to Drake, but now let we wait a week to see whether or not our king is in March Madness.