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Dumping Them Out: Hunter Campbell

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I had an interaction last night, and I need to know whether I'm in the wrong here. Our friends had some of their gay friends in town, so we ended up at a gay bar in the West Village. I'd never met these dudes in my life, but they by all means seemed like great guy. One of the dudes in particular, his face looked fucking EXACTLY like Eddie (Barstool Chicago Eddie). I really want to post a picture to prove it but I'm not just gonna put this random dudes face on the internet. But trust me, his face was EXACTLY like Eddie's. I should note, that he's significantly skinnier. He was skinny gay Eddie. Every time I looked at him that's all I could think about. Eventually, the drunker we got, I started having an actual conversation with this guy. I couldn't help it. I had to bring up the Eddie thing. I told him something like, "Dude I have to tell you, you look exactly like a skinny version of my friend. I have to show you this"


Evidently that was a huge mistake. I showed him a picture of Eddie, and he was not pleased. I was on the receiving end of a drunken lecture about like, how I shouldn't compare to anybody because as a gay man he's being compared to people all his life. Honestly, it was a very drunk conversation. He really lost the plot within the first 10 seconds of his lecture. I'm not even sure what he point was.

So then I felt bad. I was thinking, "Fuck should I not have done that? Was that insulting? Or somehow homophobic?" I ended up apologizing to the guy because it seemed like the easiest thing to do at the time. But then the more I thought about.. I kinda feel like he was the one being a dick. Eddie's not a bad looking guy. I prefaced the whole thing with "You look like a skinny version of Eddie…" But then he acted like having his face compared to Eddie's was soooo bad. Fuck you man. Who are you to be insulted about that. Eddie's got a great face. I promise you, he looked exactly what you'd think "skinny gay Eddie" would look like. To be insulted by that comparison is kind of fucked up.

Am I in the wrong there? I feel like might be. I guess it's not nice to compare people to other people. But like.. I'm sorry. You look like the guy. People compare me to Richard Ramirez all the time and I take it on the chin. It's not like I pulled up a picture of Sloth from the Goonies. So maybe skinny gay Eddie was just being a dick. I have no idea. In hindsight I really wish I would have responded with, "Oh so do you think my friend Eddie is gross?" That would have been the move. He'd have no answer to that. 

I really wish I could post a picture of him, because if you saw his face I promise you'd understand why I had to bring it up.

Here's another thing I want to know if I'm in the wrong about. The pictures of Dave, Will Compton, Taylor Lewan, and Donald Trump at UFC 299.. those were hilarious. Anytime you see your boss interacting with a United States President you gotta feel good about it. Presidents don't shake the hands of nobody's. But that particular picture cracked me up. Tell me. When you see this picture… who doesn't belong?

It's the fucking guy next to Dave. I've never seen that dude in my life. 90% of people have never seen that dude in their life. So naturally, I tweeted that he was a "finesse god" (cool young people language). But as soon as I tweeted that, people jumped down my throat.


But c'mon… Any person who isn't plugged into the UFC has no fucking clue who Hunter Campbell is. If you're asking "who doesn't belong in that picture" you're picking Hunter Campbell. Except now that I've typed that, I guess UFC is way bigger than Bussin With The Boys. So I'm sure there's a large segment of the population who knows Hunter over then. But I know is when I saw that picture and thought "well 5 out of 6 of those people make perfect sense. But I don't know about that other dude."

I bet most people thought the same thing.