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It's Hard To Fully Comprehend How This Bizarro World Steve Kerr Isn't Actually Steve Kerr

Cole Burston. Getty Images.

Alright, what the hell is going on here?

In most cases when these look-alikes come up, I don't really think much of it. I usually see it, chuckle to myself if there really is a resemblance, and then I move on. 

But I don't think we can do that when it comes to the Warriors. I mean, that's Steve Kerr. I know it isn't, but at the same time it is. It's Bizarro Steve Kerr. 

That Steve Kerr plays his young guys and knows how to properly run a rotation. Bizarro Warriors fans love Bizarro Steve Kerr and don't want him fired. That's one way to explain it. The other is a bit more of a conspiracy, but also makes all the sense in the world.

As I said, in most cases I would just laugh and move on. But I can't do that here, because you also remember this is a franchise that also has a Klay Thompson clone

so what exactly is going on in the Bay? They tried to clone the Dynasty Warriors didn't they? How much more proof do we need? All this tells me is that there is a Steph Curry clone out there somewhere, and frankly, it's only a matter of time before we see it. I'm just supposed to believe there's a Klay clone and a Kerr clone and there isn't a Steph Curry clone? Nice try.

Grow up Peter Pan, Count Chocula. It's staring you right in the face. 

All that tech money in GS, of course they'd be into some weird shit where they try and play God and keep the Warriors Dynasty rolling. Have you seen the Warriors' tax bill for this roster? It's like $1B. Steph & Co are getting older, so what do you do? You could try and draft their replacements, or you could try and remake everyone in a lab. Let's say you're able to duplicate 75% of the success of the original Warriors, that's a huge win and well worth it. Things all start to make sense once you start asking the right questions. Just how deep does this go?

In all seriousness, that dude really does look like Steve Kerr. Kinda spooky. Seeing that makes me wonder if we all have a lookalike like that somewhere in the world. We have to right? There's a probably slightly different version of you reading this blog right now when you think about it. 

Prove me wrong.