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Jimmy Fallon Went To Albany's Kegs And Eggs, Which Is Awesome

This is awesome. I have no idea why on earth Jimmy Fallon would be in Albany (especially a day before he's hosting the Oscars wink wink) but regardless of the why, the result is terrific. Fallon seems like an all time "if its a party it's good for me" type of guy. My cousin swears she partied with him in NYC for years. Says he was out all the time. She also ran with Tara Reid and said she was a full on nutbag. Either way, Fallon seems like the guy who will share a drink with anyone so although it makes absolutely no sense why he hit Albany, it makes all the sense. He probably heard it was a good time and decided to have an Almost Famous type moment. Just an awesome set of videos. 

The only negative here is all the cameras etc, which I get thats how we live nowadays but wouldn't you rather share a drink, or have him tell a story or laugh etc before immediately whipping out the camera? I don't know because it's one of those things where you don't know how long he's going to stay and you don't want to miss your chance, but I feel like Fallon is the guy to share a drink with. Good energy guy. Again, absolutely no idea why he was there and I just pray it was organic and not a stupid video for his show ... would ruin it for me. 

Also, hats off to Jimmy Fallon for making it longer than I did in Albany. Post breakup went up with a bunch of buddies and was on edge all night, my one lifelong friend knew he could get under my skin. We argued, I was told can't stay at the house we planned on. Walked across campus and slept on the floor of another friends room, and snored my face off in their room. Not a great weekend. Never returned ...