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Michael "Venom" Page Just Walked Out Like The Undertaker And Made A Great UFC Debut

Michael "Venom" Page, one of the faces of Bellator for the last decade, just made his long-awaited UFC debut against Kevin Holland in Miami, and he entered the arena like The Undertaker before the classic WWE theme broke into a dance remix....

It rode the line between cool and corny like a Tony Hawk game grind meter for the whole walkout, if you're askin me, but considering his performance was what it was - I'll say it lands on the "cool" side tonight. If he had gotten KO'd I might feel differently.

MVP frustrated the hell out of Holland in there and lit him up with that unorthodox striking style for three straight rounds.

I gotta be honest - I have followed Michael "Venom" Page's career for many years now, and even interviewed him with Large back in 2019….

….but I was really worried about his chances against Kevin Holland - one of the best welterweights the UFC has to offer. I thought the jump up in talent would be too much for Page to handle in his debut. I couldn't have been more wrong, though. 

Michael "Venom" Page was just too tricky a puzzle for Holland to figure out, and "Big Mouth" was never able to get going.

MVP should enter the Welterweight Top 15 this week - and the obvious fight to make is one with Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson. I think that's the matchup everyone wants to see. 

Speaking of matchups everyone wants to see, though - Dustin Poirier vs Benoit Saint-Denis is about to start, so I gotta focus on that! I'll see ya in the next blog!