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Jack Della Maddalena Scores HUGE KO Over Gilbert Burns With A Big Knee To The Skull

Jack Della Maddalena and Gilbert Burns just duked it out in Miami for three rounds in an excruciatingly paced battle; but one where I felt Burns was getting the better of JDM for the majority of it. 

It was super close, don't get me wrong, and nobody came close to a finish at any point - but the judges agreed through two rounds, at least....

Gilbert Burns quickly gained control of the third round and put Jack Della Maddalena on his ass with a takedown, and held him there soundly for a bit. It looked like my underdog bet on Burns was a sure thing as long as he could just hang on for a minute - and then JDM got up.

Burns went right back to the takedown strategy, and Della Maddalena saw it coming - and he landed an awesome knee up the middle that set up the finish for him right away....

Afterwards, JDM checked on Burns in a real classy manor and called out Shavkat Rakhmonov - who feels like the boogeyman of this division who NOBODY wants to call out - which was awesome.

Jack Della Maddalena ALSO spoiled Big Cat's 1-0 undefeated streak on the fights tonight….

That's tough.