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'Come Here, You'll Get Hurt' - Dan Hurley Is Once Again Ready To Fight Fans And Frankly The Big East Needs To Let This Happen

I can't believe how much I love Dan Hurley. I didn't really want to because UConn rips my heart out all the time in March, but going after fans is something I fully believe in. This is old school Big East. This is exactly how it should be. You wanna say something to Dan Hurley? Fine. Be prepared for a fight. You might win, but we won't find out until it happens. This is truly what we need to happen. We need security to let everyone go and give us Dan Hurley vs Creighton fans vs Providence fans vs anyone else who wants to get involved. You know what? Just let Big East Twitter in at it. 

For everyone that says college basketball lost it's passion, I beg you to watch the Big East. There's shit going at all times. This is far from the first Dan Hurley fight. We had a compliance officer falling for a parody account that Tyler Kolek can't read. We have Ed Cooley. We have everything in the Big East. This is what makes college sports the best. You have NBA players throwing people out for calling them fat, Dan Hurley wants to fight. 

I know this goes back to his Rhode Island days, but this is why we always needed Hurley in the Big East. The conference is based around coaches like this. We have it again. Sean Miller, McDermott, Hurley, Pitino, Shaka, etc are all perfect for the Big East. Just know that Dan Hurley will be willing to talk shit and potentially fight you if need be.