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Welcome To The Dance: Morehead State Is Officially Our First Name On The NCAA Tournament Bracket

There's nothing and I mean nothing like this. Morehead State, our guys from Kentucky (of course it is) become the first team in the NCAA Tournament. It makes sense. Riley Minix is a legit star. I don't know who doesn't watch mid-major hoops, but this kid came from the JuCo level and can create havoc in March. It's far from the first time they've made the NCAA Tournament. We have the Kenneth Faried days which gave us this: 

Getty Images.

What a perfect image. 

Anywho, Morehead was the 3 seed in the OVC but a favorite to win the thing. This is what happens when you also get back Jordan Lathon back who really is key to what Morehead does. Again, I don't care that it's a mid-major, this day in age we've seen teams like this win a game or flame out. All that matters is we have the first name on the bracket. 

That said, I love the bracket move of the winning team. It's been a couple years, but it really adds to it all. You get to see that you won it and it should be the entire OVC Tournament. We're past the point of saying 15 seeds don't matter. They keep making the Sweet 16! So welcome to March. This is your first team on the bracket.