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Here We Go Again: People Are Freaking Out Because Kyle Filipowski "Tripped" Someone When He Was Just Stretching

I am sure Reags is writing a hit piece on this innocent man, Kyle Filipowksi, so thank god for me coming to his defense. We went through this for a couple of years with Grayson Allen and now we are seeing it again, a reminder of how soft some people can be. 

First, I didn't know anyone can trip someone with their calf. Where I come from you are looking at a person and stick your foot out to really trip someone. And why is nobody talking about why Flip was on the ground to begin with? He was on the ground because Ingram smoked him from behind but they aren't showing that because everyone just wants to hate and be jealous of Duke. 

It is really sad that we have teams like Kentucky who is the shadiest team out there, UNC who is notoriously dirty and a bunch of others..but you have to always point out Duke even if its an innocent mistake like this. Shame.

I can't wait for this team to win the National Championship this year and next so I can trip all of you at the Final 4. I can show you how its really done. Keep crying on the internet while we comeback and win this game.