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Despite Lockdown Defense From Tennessee, South Carolina Continues Their Undefeated Season Thanks To A Miracle Buzzer-Beater


Bro, WHAT???

I don't care that it was her first career 3 point attempt, they played defense on her like she was born without arms. As if the inbound was going to strike her squarely in the chest and roll to someone else. I've never seen anything like it. We got this lady standing in La La Land as if the Vols are up 15. 



Now credit where credit is due to the player who hit the shot, Kamilla Cardoso. She's 6'7 and has never attempted a 3 in her college career. Talk about clutch. When given that much disrespect and burying the 3, that's awesome. But it's not like she's a scrub, she was a 5 star recruit and averages 14 points a game. So you gotta at least put half a body on her. Maybe at least extend a hand. Scream a word really loudly? Literally anything besides what they did!

So USC (the other one) remains undefeated and we get a great lesson on how not to defend an inbound. I'm excited to see what happens in post-game pressers because Tennessee coach Kellie Harper was as in disbelief as the rest of us.