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This Blog Is An Ode To Reed Sheppard - A Kid Who Was Born To Be Kentucky's Savior

Hey, no one gives a shit about the lack of inbounding the ball, turnovers and all around fuckery late in the game if you win. That's what happens when you have Reed Sheppard - the cold ass white boy (in Titus' words). Allow me to explain in a picture

On the road, need a win, no doubter. I mean what else do you want Reed to do? Score? No problem. Ridiculous pass? No problem. Calm the team whenever Tennessee makes a run? Sure he can do that too! And to think he was the worst recruit out of this group! All he does is win games. It doesn't matter who or when, Reed is there to play. 

Don't get me wrong Justin Edwards and Antonio Reeves were awesome. Ugo was unreal defensively. Theiro had his moments. Rob had his moments. But this was the Reed game, again. This is the man who was made for the moment. He's a Kentucky boy. He's from Kentucky parents. His dad won a title, he's unique because of how important it is for Kentucky kids to wear the Kentucky jersey. No one has done it better than Reed so far. 

In a world where that loser Dan Wolken said the sport wasn't appealing and there were no stars, there's this game. There's Reed Sheppard. What a fucking dork that dude is. Watch a game one time for me. One hell of a way to end the regular season. Now we go.