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The NBA Loses One Of It's Biggest DAWGS With Benedict Mathurin Out For The Season

Fuuuuuuuuuck. Disgusting. The Rising Star Game means nothing, like the rest of All-Star Week, but Mathurin is on a trajectory to be special. The Pacer's injury history for key players has to be the worst in the NBA, especially with star players. I understand Mathurin still has a lot to prove to be considered a star, but as a 21 year old in his 2nd year in the league he's been huge off the bench as Indiana's 6th man. The Pacers live and die by the strength of their bench, and after trading Buddy Heild to the 76er's for Doug McDermott's dusty ass, Mathurin is all the Pacers have in their 2nd rotation. 

Mathurin is first on my Pacers list of DAWGS on the team. He's afraid of no one and no moment despite being young as hell. 

1. Ben Mathurin 

2. TJ McConnell

3. Aaron Nesmith

I thought the Pacers would get a good match-up in the first round and surprise someone, but now it's looking like even being competitive in a series would be a stretch. That's assuming the current 8th seed in the East Pacers don't get stuck in the play-in tourney and eliminated. 

Can't wait to watch meaningless Pacer's April basketball for another season. On to next year, and my hopes are already sky high for how good this team will be. Which means there will be another huge injury, none of our draft picks will pan out, and Pascal Siakam leave us at the alter by not resigning. But that's just good ol' Pacer basketball.