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Angel Hernandez Is Already In Mid-Season Form After Ejecting Lance Lynn From A Spring Training Game Not Once But Twice

Now this is how you can tell that baseball is close to returning, we've got Angel Hernandez somehow making a baseball game about himself after ejecting Cardinals starter Lance Lynn and manager Oli Marmol during a spring training game. Not only did Angel eject Lynn from the field of play after a few playful chirps from the mound, but after that Lance went to the Cardinals bullpen to continue throwing to get to his pitch count, something very common for pitchers in spring training games. But once Lynn got out there Angel noticed it and wouldn't start the game until Lynn left the field of play. He ejected Lynn twice! In a spring training game!! What a fool this guy is. 

So once Lynn and Marmol were thrown out and Lynn was removed from the bullpen they both made the slowwwwww walk all the way down to the gate in right field. Lynn took his sweet time as he waved to fans and everything as well. All while Angel was standing on home plate muttering to himself "this is YOUR game Angel. YOU control this. Remember, the people are here to see you." I'm sure the list of players to ever get ejected out of a spring training game is very short, but thank god we got to see Angel Hernandez make more history. It was a harmless chirp from Lynn too, is this what we're going to see in regular season games this year? I mean we can't do another year of Angel can we?  

I just don't know who does that? It's spring, he's trying to get his routine down and get his pitches in, what's wrong with that? Why are we still having Angel Hernandez put his fingerprints on games? And why does he give a rats ass where Lynn goes after he's ejected. It's incredible that MLB continues to put him in these situations and allows him to keep doing this. Time and time again this guy shows the world what a fool he is and it looks like he's getting a head start this season. What a fool Angel is. I know Lynn rubs people the wrong day but it doesn't seem like anything he did or said today was over the line. But nonetheless Angel Hernandez had to leave his mark on the game and show the fans and players that he is the boss. All is right in the world, thank you Angel for being the spring training watchdog we all need!