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Cigs Inside And A Machete… Just Another Day At Walmart

What a visual. I thought when he lit up the cig it was bad enough (hate the smell of cigs) and that he was just taunting the guy like when I watched a bunch of kids on the bus party to Leggetts years ago taunt the bouncers by taking their shirts off every 5 minutes. Truthfully thought he was just fucking around with the cigarette. Then out comes the machete. 

I wish I could say I was surprised or shocked but then I saw this was a Walmart. Just normal behavior for what I think was a Friday night. Imagine being the poor slob behind this guy when you walk up trying to ring up the deodorant you needed last minute or the new bath mat your wife sent you out for? Can’t make that shit up. Just an unreal scene. Final question : How did the cops finally wrestle the machete away? Shoutout the boys in blue. No one gets paid enough for that. 

Ps- Confirmed not Big Cat