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Klemmer's First Reaction After The News Of His Stream Being Taken Down Was Perfect

During Friday's Yak, Klemmer's 100 hour solitary confinement ended. Now there was some controversy that it ended after 97 hours.

And also some back and forth on why it lasted an extra 13 minutes.

But after 100 long hours of being isolated in a very small space, Chris Klemmer made his way back to reality. We were fortunate that it was during The Yak and got a full interview with him on the process.

In my opinion, Klemmer's reaction was absolutely perfect. He wasn't upset that Dave cut his stream off. Who was he to decide what is content? He knows that Dave has the best interest of the company in his mind and if he didn't think it was interesting, Klemmer is not the voice of authority to overrule him.

He was grateful for the experience and something he wanted to do personally. I'm happy he accomplished his goal. Whether you want to get into semantics if he stepped out doesn't really matter as it was his goal and he was happy with his performance. He noted he never went down the steps, even when his toilet was clogged (sweet brag you take giant dumps Klemmer). So in his mind, it was complete and since there was no prize, that's really all that matters. 

Had Klemmer been irate that the stream cut off due to the fact that he was sleeping like a new born baby most of the time might have made a better singular moment, but I appreciate Klemmer's thoughtfulness and awareness to know his place in this incredible company. He was the star of his show, but he was not the director, and he was ok with that.

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