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Anthony Joshua Just Flatlined Francis Ngannou

Well....that was an absolute beatdown by Anthony Joshua. 

Tonight's highly anticipated fight between AJ and former UFC champion Francis NGannou has ended just as quick as it started. 2 rounds. 3 knockdowns for Joshua. 1 dead body.

Francis Ngannou was anointed the leader of the free world after he competed with Tyson Fury a few months back, but tonight showed he bit off more than he could chew. Congrats to him on getting paid. I still believe going down the path of being an MMA legend would've been more lucrative for him, but I'm not the business mogul that he is (clearly). At this point in his MMA career he could've beaten Jon Jones and then started a path to being the true heavyweight GOAT. Instead, he chose a loss to Fury (at least he has that picture of him knocking him down) and a brutal KO against Joshua. Again, congrats on the bag. 

What's next for Francis? I'd say he has to go back to MMA now. PFL is waiting for him to fight Rennan Ferriera. Could be a good fight. 

His aura is now gone. That's why I hate seeing MMA guys go over to boxing. They're going to win every time, unless it's Tyson Fury coming off a bender. Not everyone can be Conor McGregor. 

Anthony Joshua is still a relatively young HW in boxing. Sure, this win won't win him huge respect in the boxing world (other than the respect of shutting up MMA fans), but this will be huge for his personal brand. He's back to being known as one of the baddest men on the planet. Plus, he made a quick 50 million tonight. 

Fury-Usyk goes down this Spring. If Fury wins, a megafight between him and Joshua could be huge.