Skip Bayless Has Found His New Target To Hate On After LeBron Retires And His Name Is Anthony Edwards

Dylan Buell. Getty Images.

With all the talent we currently have in the NBA, you hear now more than ever the debate over who is going to become the next face of the league once the LeBron/Steph/KD era finally hangs it up (it has to be soon right…..right??). Maybe you think it's Jokic, or Giannis, or a young guy like Tatum, Luka or Anthony Edwards. All have a case if they stay on their current paths.

But what we never really talked about is who would Skip Bayless mindlessly hate on? I mean, trolling/hating on LeBron is basically how Skip became Skip. That's his brand. So once LeBron is gone, what was Skip going to do?

Well, I think we have our answer


Just as a reminder, let's relive the play because it's honestly worth it

Pretty much anyone with eyes who saw this play, both in real time and the replays agrees. It was one of the most insane blocks you'll ever see. I don't care who your favorite team is, if you're being objective about it, I don't see how anyone could disagree.

Which is why Skip's claim that it was actually "the easiest block you'll ever see" is so perfectly Skip. It's a play right out of the Hating LeBron 101 playbook. Skip's just playing the hits. He knows he needs a new target sooner than later, and this is the perfect choice. Nobody hates Anthony Edwards, how could you? He's awesome, he's competitive as hell, he gives a shit, and he's capable of doing shit on the floor we've never seen before. That's the exact reason why he's the next logical target for Skip. He's planting his flag early for another couple of decades of hating a guy who could one day develop into one of the best players in the entire league.

Hearing Skip try and explain his reasoning was the best part. His points made no sense yet he doubled and tripled down on it. It was type of vintage Skip hating that is usually reserved for LeBron. In some ways, that's how you know Ant has truly made it which should be exciting for Wolves fans.

So while the next face of the NBA is still TBD at this point in time, one thing is clear. Skip has found his LeBron replacement, and he will stop at nothing in order to troll and hate on whatever he does. Regardless of how insane it may actually be.