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Big Cat & The Yak Are Now Tracking Me At All Times Via An Apple Air Tag

After rumors swirled for weeks, it is now official. I have an Apple Air Tag on my keys and am being tracked at all times all over the country.

The tag is linked to TJ Hitchings phone and beeps when he wants to alert me. I honestly don't know how to feel about it. The content should be great ESP during The Yak from Noon to 2 central daily. Any content I can do involving Big Cat I am always in no questions asked.

But there are obvious downsides too. Am I going to be getting alerts at 2am? How much am I gonna get messed with here? Knowing the history of The Yak boys, there's honestly no telling. I am just going to prepare for the unexpected because literally anything could happen at anytime. Just gotta hold on tight and enjoy the ride....

I understand Big Cat's side of it for sure. I literally can be anywhere in the United States at anytime on Mintzy Tour so tracking this should be entertaining. And with Big Cat taking over my poker backing, it is only fair for him to be able to keep tabs on his investment at all times.

Time to go make some $$$ and raise some hell in the United States of America!

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