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I Am A Dumbass

I just want to start this blog off by saying I am an idiot. I see that, I understand that, and I've known that pretty much my whole life! I fucked up, and I take complete responsibility for it. Kelly and KenJac never would have even been apart of this in the first place if I hadn't posted the video. To be completely honest, we were watching the stream on the backend of HQ and, in the video I posted, you can see the link. I did not realize this was a live link that anyone could access. Again, my fault. I get why Dave was pissed. Was I scared shitless? Yes. I haven't been yelled at like that since my junior year of High School when I almost flooded my house by turning a wrong lever. But I get it. I could've potentially ruined a great thing. Again, I am a dumbass. 

There are a few things I would like to clear up though. The first being that I posted that Miss Peaches video to suck up to Dave. 

This tweet was posted at 5:41pm. I didn't know I fucked up until I got an email at 6:25pm. I didn't know I REALLY fucked up until Dave called me at 6:31pm. 

The timing of the tweet is just so ironic and so tragic. It really looks like I posted that to get in Daves good graces. I mean I knew it would be good to tweet it but I genuinely just love that cute ass dog and my family adopted two dogs so I just wanted to spread the good word. Again, I am an idiot. I really hope Miss Peaches doesn't hate me. 

One more thing, I've seen a lot of shit online about me doing this on purpose. Never in a million years would I EVER leak a stream on purpose. Especially for Klemmer, who is my friend and Dozen teammate. I wanted to support him. There would be absolutely no benefit to me leaking it on purpose. I love working here, why the fuck would I risk that just to have people watch Klemmer take his 14th nap? I don't really have any "evidence" to back this up but I know I didn't do it on purpose and I guess that is all that matters. Again, I am an idiot but I am not a liar. I guess the evidence is Klemmer's reaction to finding out. 

He had no idea that no one had been watching this entire time, so I guess that proves what I am trying to explain. 

It is just so crazy to me that Klemmer has no idea that any of this is happening. He is gonna come upstairs and be so fucking confused. To wrap this up, I want to apologize again to Dave. I reached out to him, but I also want to publicly apologize. I deserved the yelling. Time to grow the fuck up, learn from this, and hopefully move on. #Klemmer.