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Normal Sport: We Have Allegations Of Camera Smashing, Practice Spying And Other Shenanigans Between Milwaukee And Green Bay At The Horizon Tournament

Hell yes. We're barely into conference tournaments and we already have shitshows all over the place. The A Sun is dominating headlines with upsets, buzzer beaters and coaches in camo pants. Then you go to the Horizon League and we have waxing of nipples, tattoos and now this. Milwaukee/Green Bay in a handshake line, practice setup, sabotage back and forth. I fucking love it. How can you not? There are 890 teams in Division I and everyone is starting to go off the rails. It's what March will do to folks.

Anyways, you have the built in rivalry of Milwaukee and Green Bay. You amplify this with a conference tournament and Milwaukee's coach being accused of smashing cameras that he thought were spying on his practice. Incredible. This is picking up on college basketball Twitter, which yeah, is as niche as it sounds. But you gotta do whatever it takes to win in March. If you think someone is spying on your practice it's worth the 5k in camera smashing. Ask Minzy about breaking cameras. In fact, I'm not ruling out that Mintzy wasn't there. 

Mind you Milwaukee won the game! Maybe the camera smashing was worth it. Then you have the whole getting allegedly lied to about the practice area, time, shootaround. Welcome to mental warfare. It clearly didn't work, but this is what happens when you play a road game in the Horizon League Tournament. Weird shit happens. You gotta be on your toes at all times. 

I say it all the time but this is why we need mid-major basketball. You don't get this at MSG with the Big East Tournament. Actually, I shouldn't say that. The Big East delivers ridiculous storylines at all times. You won't get this with the Pac-12. That's a for sure statement. But Horizon League? You can get a little bit of everything. I wish we had this week completely dedicated to mid-major basketball. It's true win or go home. No bubble talk, no resume talk. Just win your conference and you get on the bracket.