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Would You Go On A Nude Cruise Where Only 40% Of The People Were Attractive?

A man who stripped down to set sail on a weeklong nude cruise is speaking out about his fellow flesh-flashing passengers.

The 67-year-old, who has not disclosed his identity, took to Reddit to reveal he hit the high seas with his wife on a Bare Necessities cruise that departed from Tampa, Fla. and sailed around the Caribbean.

“I just disembarked from a 2,000 person nude cruise,” the Redditor wrote. “Ask me anything.”

Curious commenters quizzed the clothing-averse cruiser, with one asking how many passengers had hot bodies.

"...most people don’t seem to be comfortable being nude in public until later in life so the crowd was older. I’d say 20% attractive, 20% average, 60% unattractive.”

I want to start off by saying I am NOT a cruise person. I will never go on one, I think they are disgusting and too often death traps. I see them come through the Hudson all the time and they are so big it makes me uncomfortable. Kind of like how people get nervous around big animals - that's how I am about cruise ships. Something that big and heavy shouldn't be able to float on the water. It's an abomination. Also, did you know they have MORGUES on board? For people who DIE ON THE CRUISE? People die on cruises so often, that they have to be equipped with a MORGUE. 

Now, imagine you're stuck on a death boat like this, with nowhere to go, and everyone is naked and ugly. 60% of people are unattractive, in fact. I understand the logic behind it - old people don't care what they look like, they just want to feel free. The hot/average people are all probably younger exhibitionist type people, which leads me to my question - would this cruise be worth it for these kinds of people, when the large majority of cruise-goers have old wrinkly balls hanging down to the ground? The answer should be no. And yet, somehow, we still have enough perverts on this earth to fill up a "fuck ship" 100 times out of 100. Are they actually fucking? Probably not. Do they all WANT to fuck, and hope that somehow, they will on this cruise? Yes. From where I stand, I just don't see the benefits. 

All in all, if you're the kind of person to do something like this, I think you should speak up. We need to uncover everyone, so we can keep tabs on you. What's it called, pre crime? It should be pre crime to go on a Nude Cruise with 2,000 ugly, old people.