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Did Klemmer Leave His Stream Early?

Just in case you haven't been keeping tabs on how our skinniest, most near-death employee (looks-wise) has locked himself in the basement of Barstool Sports this week, here's a quick rundown of events.

On Monday morning Chris Klemmer entered 100 hours of solitary confinement. All in the Barstool Sports basement. The whole thing was to be live streamed on the Barstool Sports main YouTube page. The only problem was that Klemmer refused to do anything entertaining during the stream. He refused to do a puzzle challenge he was presented with. He refused to do the rice counting challenge he was presented with. Not that those were the most electrifying challenges in the first place, but instead of doing any of them, he opted to sleep for over 12 hours per day.

Dave Portnoy wasn't happy. On Wednesday morning, when Dave realized how much sleeping Klemmer had been doing, he pulled the stream off-air entirely. Klemmer was now in solitary confinement being watched by nobody. But he had no idea. Instead of telling Klemmer anything, Dave decided to let him rot down there.

Then chaos broke out. Since Dave's decision, the internet rallied around Klemmer. He had so much support, that at one point Dave said if people could get #klemmer trending for a full hour, he'd put him the stream back up. So people got #klemmer trending. It trended for multiple.

Sadly, Dave was lying the whole time. He was never going to put Klemmer back up. Dave was protecting the Barstool brand. He didn't want random people stumbling across our page and tuning in to a man doing nothing be sleeping.

This morning, Dave revealed everything to Klemmer. He did so through a series of puzzles.

KIemmer started the first puzzle at 9 AM. A puzzle that revealed to him how he was trending #1 in the United States. Naturally, after Klemmer put the puzzle together, he gave a heartfelt acceptance speech.

But then it was time for the 2nd puzzle. The puzzle that let Klemmer know he had been live to nobody for the past 2 days. His reaction was less enthusiastic

So now Klemmer had a choice. He has 2.5 hours of solitary confinement remaining. Does he stay on stream to complete the 100 hours? Or does he say "fuck everybody" and cut it all short. He decided to do something between there.

In the end he went back in, but the damage was already done. Those 3 steps are going to haunt him forever. Dave will never let him live that down. He'll never give him full credit for being in solitary confinement for 100 hours. There are conspiracy theories that someone outside of the room told Klemmer to go back in. A lot of people think he saw shadows of people outside the door which made him think twice about leaving. I have no idea what happened. But in the end he did walk back in the room. All signs point to him finishing out the final few hours. He's scheduled to be released at 2 PM EST. Who the fuck knows what'll happen after that.

UPDATES: As more things happen I'll include clips from his final hours.

Dave has now just come over the loudspeaker to tell Klemmer the challenge is over. But Klemmer refuses to leave. He can't leave at this point. He's in too deep. Even if Dave doesn't give him credit he has to stay in there until 2 PM EST