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Hero: People Are Calling Messi The Toughest Man Alive For Surviving This Brutal Tackle And Saving Inter Miami

Go ahead and add this to Messi's trophy case. Everywhere I look on Twitter people are calling Messi the toughest man alive for acting like this was nothing. Me? Hard to disagree. The tweets say it right there. Anyone else and they are rolling around on the ground and likely out 3-4 months. Seasons have ended for tackles like this! But Messi? Messi is the toughest man alive. What did he do instead? Oh saved Inter Miami

I'm starting to think he really is inevitable. I mean who else survives a brutal hit like that and saves their team? Maybe Christian Pulisic? Have you seen what he's doing in Milan? Plus he basically blew his balls out making sure the USA got to the knockout stage in he last World Cup. What I'm trying to say is Christian Pulisic is the 2nd best soccer player in the world right now. Good luck arguing against that one. 

I know you can Inter Miami is loaded for the MLS. But guess what? You still gotta score. You still gotta survive and advance in the CONACAF Champions Cup. This is the most prestigious club event in North America, who cares if you get some spikes to the leg? And this is an MLS tackle, you know there's something a little extra to it. Some real football influence in the futbol world. I'm not calling Messi a hero for doing this, I'm just saying other people are and it's hard to argue against it. I still can't believe he's playing over here.