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"Intercourse Should Last 30 Minutes, Minimum" Fact Or Fiction?

On the last episode of The Bracket, we had Meek Phil, John Rich, Pat and Rudy on to talk about which inanimate object is the most fuckable. All inspired by the extremely viral Dune popcorn bucket, by the way. 

The reason I had Rudy on is because he is a known sex guy and has gone viral a couple times for his crazy take that the actual intercourse portion of sex should last 30 minutes minimum. MINIMUM. There are maybe 3 people reading this blog(outside of all the people coming here and racing to comment that I should canned) that have the stamina or desire to do that on a regular basis. Especially if you have a significant other and you are past the honeymoon phase. Luckily, Nick was there to call him out as always. 

This is a really good ep featuring Meek the Freak being as bizarre as you can imagine, John Rich copping to having wet dreams once a month and Pat saying he would suck a cock drenched in pickle juice. 

You can watch/listen below: