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Credit Where Credit Is Due, The Youths Of America Really Crushed It With This Selfie Stick Hockey Celly

The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tourney got underway this week. One of the best tournaments in sports all year long. Just a bunch of boys playing for a lifetime of glory. The ability to go back to their hometown bar at any point throughout life and relive the time they went out and won state. There's nothing better than that. 

Now I'm willing to admit that I'm turning into a crotchety old man who thinks roughly 97% of things that kids do nowadays would have gotten them bullied mercilessly 20 years ago. Pretty much everything on TikTok would result in all of these kids getting their heads dunked in a toilet between 3rd and 4th period. But every once in a while, the Youths of America knock one out of the park. Every once in a while, they bring something to the table that is worth a damn. And let me tell ya, the selfie stick celly is worth all of the damns. 

This thing rules so hard. 

You score a massive goal on the biggest stage of your career so far, and you have the wherewithal to break out an all-timer like this? It's hard to get more legendary than that. If I were this kid, I'd never show up to a job interview with a resume in my life. I'd just walk right up to the boss, show him this video, and ask what day I start. 

Underrated sick part about the selfie stick celly is it's a great way to get the teammates involved, too. There's nothing I hate more than seeing some kid get set up with a tap-in goal and then solo celebrate like a lunatic as if he did everything himself. That's for the Nail Yakupov's of the world. You score a goal because the other 5 teammates out there on the ice with you all did their job as well. It's only right to get them involved in the celebration. The selfie stick is a rare combination of being both rad as shit, but also huge for team morale. That instantly puts up way up towards the top of the all-time celebrations list. Good on the kids. 

P.S. -- Damn. There goes Jordie blogging on a paternity leave Friday again.