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Things Are Getting Worse At Indiana As 5 Star Recruit / McDonald’s All American Liam McNeeley Just De-Committed From The Hoosiers

Reags already torched Indiana twice yesterday. 

It's a shit show to say the least. Keeping Woodson seems like a massive mistake especially in a coaching carousel that could have big names like Josh Schertz and Dusty May available. Now even if you keep Woodson and sold yourself on the fact he could save a season next year with his recruits like McNeeley is out the window. McNeeley's gone and it's bye bye season in Bloomington. 

We touched on it on Picks Central, it's been a damn long time since Indiana has been elite. Sure Crean had a run as a 1 seed but they did absolute zero. The program has been debated if they lose their blue blood status and it's been so long of shitburger years that you can't help but think they should be removed from the coveted list. Weeks like this only back up that notion. Indiana stinks right now and anyone under 35 hasn't remembered them ever being good. Big time recruits are jumping ship, the coach is hanging on by a thread, they are changing over leadership like presidencies every 4 or so years someone else is taking the reigns. Archie Miller, then Woodson, who know's who's next. I do like the names available but nothing is a sure thing in this game, and they'll be taking over at a point where the program is at one of it's lowest points. Hard to sell recruits, boosters etc. 

It's a very interesting time in college basketball where it seems like the powerhouse programs will always be at the top of the food chain with NIL, the portal, tv deals etc. Indiana was once one of those teams you figured to be at the top of the board on all of it, and now they are in the middle of the pack (or worse the bottom) looking up. I'll close with this, Indiana is at a cross roads. They are either bottoming out, or they make the correct hire to finally fix the last 20 years of disaster. I have no idea which way it's going to go, but I think it's pretty clear we've seen enough of Woodson that he isn't the guy to save the program, and the quicker they pull the plug the better.