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Anthony Edwards Just Had One Of The Best Game Winning Blocks You Will Ever See

David Berding. Getty Images.

I don't think there's a fanbase in the league that went through the type of emotional rollercoaster that Wolves fans have endured today. Thursday started with us learning that KAT tore his meniscus, a devastating injury to a really good player having a really good season on a team that just so happens to be really good. Absolutely not how you want to start your day, especially when we have no clue just how long he's going to be out.

After dealing with that all day, I imagine as a Wolves fan you were ready for their game tonight. Watching Anthony Edwards always rules, and it would give you something to at least get your mind off the KAT news. Plus games against the Pacers are usually super entertaining since they play negative defense, but all of those hopes were suddenly crushed in the first 20 seconds of the game when Ant sprained his ankle.

Thankfully he was able to come back into the game, and not just for the Wolves, but for the rest of us as well because it allowed him the opportunity to pull off one of the best game sealing blocks you might ever see come from a wing

Uhhhhhh holy shit. The more times you watch that play the better it gets. The situation, the timing, the athleticism, the fact that ya know, Edwards hits his goddamn head on the rim, I dare you to find a bigger block this season than that play. Given the injury scare earlier and the KAT news, Wolves fans deserved that moment.

What made that play so awesome was also the fact that Edwards had one of the most impressive closes to this games you'll ever see. Complete offensive domination. It didn't matter what the Pacers tried to throw at him, none of it worked. 

That's big time player stuff. When you can make an elite impact like that on both ends of the floor, you find yourself in some elite company.

When it was all said and done, Edwards finished with 44/6/3/2/1 on 18-35 (3-7) while playing 39 minutes on that rolled ankle. In the fourth, he led all scorers with 16 points on 6-10 while playing the final 8:22. With KAT now out of lineup, this is unfortunately the level that Edwards is going to have to consistently play at if the Wolves want to keep their top 3 seed, and I'd say this is a good place to start. I'd also like to point out holding the Pacers offense to just 111 points. That's a good number against them, and I imagine the Wolves defense should have them in a good spot for the rest of the regular season. It's the playoff offense without KAT that will be a concern if that's what we end up getting.

We may very well learn though that Ant is ready to take his game up a level, and if it looks like it did tonight, the Wolves won't go down lightly.