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Stephen A. Smith And Pat McAfee Reportedly Had A Blow Up Argument That Resulted In Stephen A. Banning Pat From Appearing On First Take

NY Post- Tempers flared in an explosive argument in a recent phone call between two of ESPN’s highest-profile personalities. The Post has learned that a private conversation several weeks ago between Pat McAfee and Stephen A. Smith got heated, as things escalated to the point where McAfee called Smith a “motherf–ker”. 

The dispute arose from creative differences involving a yet-to-be-announced project that Stephen A. Smith is executive producing through his own production company, Mr. SAS Productions, that will ultimately air on ESPN. 

The Post heard that in the aftermath of the spat, Smith had banned McAfee from appearing on “First Take”, where he had weekly Tuesday appearances during the football season, in the future. 

First of all, if this fight wasn't filmed, everyone should be fired. For some reason two arguing over creative differences is so fucking funny to me and things must have gotten really personal really fast if everything escalated like that. I think it is just egos clashing, which makes it even funnier that Stephen A banned Pat from First Take. 


I bet this fight was resolved in 5 seconds and they probably don't care about it now. This was apparently about a project that they are working on together and stuff like this happens almost every day at Barstool. I think fighting is good to get things done when you are trying to be creative, so this is a non story even though I am blogging it. I feel like Stephen A just doesn't like Pat. I mean he said on Bussin' that Pat isn't polished, which definitely seemed a little dig at Pat for no reason. 

Stephen A is the king of ESPN and Pat comes in firing so I can see this getting more heated down the road. I hope this blows up on camera for all of us to enjoy but we will never get the real story.