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Man City's Matheus Nunes Broke His Finger So Bad It Was Facing The Wrong Way, Had The Audacity To Try And Explain It To His Teammates On The Bench

Let me be very clear. If you don't like seeing fingers pointed the opposite direction or anything like that do not keep clicking below. There is a picture. This is your warning. 

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Again last chance




Here's the picture

That's the most broken finger these eyes have ever seen. But that's not really the story here. It's the fact he had the audacity to try and show it to his teammates sitting on the bench. Dude, KDB is coming back from injury, he doesn't want to be reminded that this can happen. I know you don't need your fingers in soccer for the most part, but you try walking around with your finger pointing to the east as you go west. 

Ever since really the Kevin Ware injury during the NCAA Tournament I feel numb to these sort of injuries. Shit, you can go back to Willis McGahee at Miami. Some of these injuries are events that are burned into our minds. So the backwards finger doesn't gross me out as much. It'd keep me out for years, but it doesn't gross me out as much as it should. 

I do love that the trainers ran out there and taped it up real good immediately. Feel like he could have raised his hand and proved a point to get the match stopped and then subbed out right then. Mental games against your opponent (which they didn't need anyways). Then again, this is a good summary of what to do in the situation

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I'M NOT FLOPPING! MY FINGER IS FUCKING BROKEN! At least that's what I assume is to be screamed in this situation.