If You Try To Fight With Your Hands Down, You Might Just Get Head Kicked Into Bolivian In 10 Seconds


I mean, what the hell did this guy think was gonna happen?

Like - no duh you got knocked the fuck out, dude. You tried to enter an MMA fight with your hands practically tied to your hip, and you seemingly have no reflexes and/or head movement whatsoever. 

Islem Masraf, the PFL fighter who did the head-kicking, actually looked over at someone cageside after the fight like, "C'mon - THAT'S the guy you're putting in front of me?"

Dude was absolutely disgusted. I can't even tell if his opponent wanted to fight! For all I know, he was going out there to get knocked out and collect a paycheck! I just don't know why anyone would go out there and voluntarily do that. It's a confusing clip all around, but when an MMA fight has less defense than a Power Slap match - I just have to share the video with the class.

P.S. Bussin with the Boys are in Miami for UFC 299 right now crushing coverage….


Am I jealous? Yes. Yes I am.

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It's an amazing card, and arguably a better one than even UFC 300.

UPDATE: Here's a new angle that shows his bizarre behavior pre-fight….

I feel like the dude just wanted to get knocked out tonight. Why? I don't know. He certainly wasn't interested in a fight, though.