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Absolute Rat Loser Zach Braziller, A St. John's Beat Reporter Was Absolute Lost In The Team's Latest Press Conference And Asked Rick Pitino About Facing His Brother In The Tournament ... Rick Pitino's Brothers Are Dead He Meant His Son Richard Pitino, And Then Zach Giggled About It

I have been very critical of St. John's this season. Everyone fell in love with Rick Pitino and how he had quick success in the portal. People immediately said St.John's was going to be a powerhouse instantly and would be flirting with National Championships. Having grown up in NYC and playing games in Carnesecca Arena as well as watching my own HS teammates who were D1 players have absolutely no interest in attending St. John's, and then countless other players from one of the best leagues in the country  in the years following never go play for St. John's- I was skeptical The Johnnies would be a power. I also knew the facilities stink, they have never had sustained success, and that Rick Pitino was signed on for 6 years and no one is a for sure replacement after Rick. Lastly, no kids coming out of HS have ever seen St. John's be good so good luck selling them on the majesty of 1985 St. John's, kids rather go to UNC, Kentucky etc. And they should as St. John's doesn't send a lot of guys to the pros. 

Anyway ... I do think Pitino can win a title at St. John's I just wanted to remind people how much of an uphill battle it was. I took a victory lap very early when it looked like they weren't going dancing. They have since went on a tear and have me sweating out their bid ... it actually really looks like they'll make the dance barring a disaster. I have actually embraced that they will be in the field. Still don't think they can win a title, but they will be dancing.

Anyway. I have been dialed into St. John's all year, and I'll be honest, a lot of my hate towards them comes from the fact that their lead beat reporter is the worst. A certified lying dirtbag who I've seen since his days covering HS hoops in NYC. Rico, how can you say that do you have proof ? You bet your ass I do ... here it is. 

In 2014, Zach the Rat wrote that Staten Island was a once a wasteland of talent ..when in actuality Staten Island was off a 10 year run of it's best stretch ever in terms of sending players to the Division 1 ranks. Zach the Rat had this tweet ... 

Now if you click the link you will see the headline says "Staten Island A Hotbed of Talent" which means Zach the Rat changed the headline after he got absolutely clowned by everyone with a fucking brain including myself when they reminded him Staten Island was killing it on talent the last 10 years. Which is something Zach would have recognized if he ever took a jumper in his life. But does this look like a guy who ever took a jumper in his life ? 

Anyway, you may be asking … well Rico what's the big deal ? Newspapers issue retractions all the time he for sure issued a retraction right ? No he never did and he never will. Dirtbag behavior. 

You should probably be reminded who you are dealing with here … 

Didn't know Colgate was in NY and claims to be a basketball guy .

Again … the guy never took a jumper in his life. 

Personal bias and hatred aside, I am trying to weigh in here as a human being … This guy just laughed when someone told him hios brothers were dead. How is this acceptable from anyone ? How can we allow this man as not only a credentialed member of the press, but as a free citizen. This man should be in jail. He has absolutely ZERO compassion. If we allow his string of lunacy behavior to continue what's next ? Rob an old lady and sing a song over her body ? This guy could be Bernie Goetz for all we know. Absolute dirtbag. Not only did he giggle he laughed .. absolute psychotic behavior. Mayor Adams, President Biden … get involved and put this man in jail. Disgusting disgusting human being. 

My thoughts and prayers are with the Pitino family. I'm not a big St. John's fan, but no one should have to talk about their deceased family members and then be laughed at. Zach the Rat is a sociopath. Put him in Jail …NOW.