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'It's Not Malicious, But We Play Violent' - Maxx Crobsy Beautifully Explains 'The Mahomes Rules' The Raiders Are Going To Use When They Play The Chiefs

Bad boy football is back baby! Clem talked about this a little bit back when Antonio Pierce said they will be using the Jordan Rules on Mahomes: 

Now it's one thing for your new coach to say something like this. We know all the buzzwords that coaches like to use across sports. New culture, they will play faster, new offense, all that shit. But we're talking about the Raiders. If there's one team who should embrace the Bad Boys of Detroit it's the Raiders going at Mahomes. It's the perfect NFL combo for the late 80s/early 90s Pistons/Bulls. You have the built-in rivalry. You have the menace and flat out great defender in Maxx Crosby. You have the generational talent in Mahomes. It all makes sense. 

I can't think of a better way to put it than Maxx did. I also can't think of a more terrifying thing than Maxx Crosby saying he's playing violent and with ill intent. Not malicious though! He's just ready to kick the shit out of people. No thank you. I'd prefer to never get hit in any capacity by Maxx Crosby. But you know who loves this? These psychos. 

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I know it doesn't matter until you 1) get a quarterback and 2) properly execute these Mahomes Rules on the field, but how can you not be fired up as a Raiders fan? Mahomes is the boogeyman for all the NFL and now you have come up with the perfect plan to stop him. Violence and ill intent. Print the damn shirts.